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 Diagnose and Manage Thyroid Disease and Thyroid Nodules

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA):
Non-surgical Treatment of Thyroid Nodules

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Meet Dr. Mazza


Triple board-certified in endocrinology, internal medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Angela D. Mazza, DO, ABAARM, FAAMFM, ECNU, CDE, diagnoses, treats and manages conditions like thyroid disease and hormonal imbalance. 

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Dr. Angela Mazza is both an internal medicine physician and integrative endocrinologist who seeks to treat the whole person, rather than just a diagnosis. Dr. Mazza's unique endocrinology practice located in Oviedo, Florida, also offers the thyroid preserving RFA procedure to shrink thyroid nodules.


Dr. Mazza performed Radio Frequency Ablation of my thyroid and I'm so grateful for her and her practice. She listened, explained everything and is the best doctor! She is changing lives for the better by making RFA treatment available.

— Maria, Age 55

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