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Dr. Jill Carnahan Interviews Dr. Mazza: 

Saving Thyroids through RFA

Vibrant Wellness Podcast - Flip the Thyroid Script

NaturalThyroidDoctor -

Dr. Eric Osansky Interviews Dr. Mazza on Saving Your Thyroid through Radiofrequency Ablation

Douglas Laboratories – A 60 Year Legacy


Thyroid Expert: “Save Your Thyroid!” Misconceptions About the Thyroid. Dr. Angela Mazza

Ketogenic Diets in Integrative Care: Supporting Healthy Insulin Function

Redefining Medicine

Nutrients to Support Optimal Thyroid Function Encompassing All Aspects

Thyroiditis: Looking Beyond the Thyroid Gland

A4M BHRT Symposium: Thyroid Health Optimization

IV Therapies offered at Metabolic Center for Wellness

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