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Hormones are like chemical messengers that travel throughout the body directing complex processes like metabolism, growth and fertility. However, when this delicate process is interrupted, the results can cause a whole host of undesirable side effects. And in extreme cases, it can even lead to serious medical conditions.

Some of the most common hormonal imbalances treated at the Metabolic Center for Wellness result from the following conditions:

  • Menopause – During menopause, women experience symptoms ranging from mood swings to night sweats. Hormone replacement therapy often is used to help combat the symptoms, and more importantly, prevent serious medical conditions like bone loss.

  • Osteoporosis – A condition in which bones become weak and break easily, osteoporosis can affect post-menopausal women, as well as those on certain medications, but men can get it, too. Ensuring that hormones are properly balanced can slow and even prevent this condition.

  • Low Testosterone – Most commonly associated with decreased sexual function in men, low testosterone also is responsible for reduced muscle mass, poor bone health and hair loss. In most cases, hormone therapy can help restore normal function and promote overall wellness.

Other hormonal conditions treated include those of the adrenal, pituitary and parathyroid glands.

Many hormonal imbalances can be diagnosed with clinical evaluation and basic blood tests. Other hormonal imbalances require more advanced functional evaluation. And since our hormones change over time, period follow-up examinations will help ensure that levels remain in balance.

Treatment for hormonal imbalances vary patient by patient. Some patients do well with traditional hormone replacements while others require compounded therapies through a validated compounded pharmacy.

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