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Vitamin D: Sunshine Vitamin & Sunshine Hormone
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What is Ethanol Ablation of Thyroid Nodules?

Thyroid nodules are very common. The more imaging we do, the more nodules we find. If we performed a neck ultrasound on everyone, about 1 in 3 persons will show some sort of abnormality.

Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Hashimoto thyroiditis, otherwise known as chronic lymphocyctic thyroiditis, is the most common cause of underactive thyroid disease, or hypothyroidism, in the United States.

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Mindful Eating for Weight Control & Nutrition

A growing body of research suggests that a mindfulness approach to eating in a slower, more thoughtful way can assist in weight management. Coined “mindful eating,” some have even found that this approach helps steer them away from process foods and other unhealthy choices.

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Diagnosing & Treating "Low T"

The term “low T” has become synonymous with middle-aged men in primetime commercials. But do you know what it really means?

Vitamin D is essential to your body for the proper absorption of calcium and bone development. It aids in control of cell growth, proper immune functioning, and limits effects of inflammation. 

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